PATHS2INCLUDE is a 3-year research project funded by Horizon Europe and taking place across Norway, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania and Spain. It was launched one year ago to investigate the multi-dimensional aspects of discrimination and the political processes that could reduce inequalities and promote social inclusion in European labour markets as well as explore risk factors of vulnerability that may arise in the future of work. The project focuses on three key labour-market processes: recruitment; career paths; and early exit from working life, giving particular attention to labour-market participation at the intersection of gender, ethnicity, age, health, disability, sexual orientation and care responsibilities.

The PATHS2INCLUDE team is composed of researchers in sociology and economy from OsloMet (project leader), Leibniz University HannoverARCO – Action Research for Co-Development, the University of LuxembourgIBS – Institute for Structural Research, the University of Bucharest and the University of GironaCOFACE Families Europe plays the role of impact partner making sure that the main results of the research are translated into policy recommendations. 

PATHS2INCLUDE refers to “persons in vulnerable situations” to emphasise the fact that vulnerabilities are consequences of contextual circumstances. This excludes viewing particular social groups as permanently or inherently vulnerable. Rather, vulnerability is understood as a consequence of situations, related to social positions and thus as varying across contexts. People may become vulnerable over the life course, especially at crucial transitions, such as from youth to adulthood, in parenthood and older age, as well as across different societal spheres, including the labour market.

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