AMERSFOORT LIVING LAB’S UPDATE: OPPORTUNITIES FOR CHILDCAREAmersfoort Living Lab’s Update: Opportunities For Childcare

The Amersfoort Living Lab has commenced its early stages. Throughout the project’s duration, special attention will be directed towards all vulnerable groups in the region. However, in its initial phase, the Amersfoort Living Labs Action Plan is brainstorming opportunities within childcare, which is currently grappling with significant labour shortages. Childcare presents opportunities for integrating vulnerable job seekers, specifically migrant women, who are seeking a job and want to work in childcare.

Current efforts of the Amersfoort Living Lab are being made to build a coalition based on this focus. A significant employer within childcare has expressed interest in participating in the Amersfoort Living Lab. With 500 employees across 52 locations, this organization offers substantial potential for the advancement of the Amersfoort Living Lab’s goals.

Childcare is a critical area of focus for supporting vulnerable groups such as migrant women. However, within childcare organizations, opportunities for career progression such as taking on new or more challenging tasks, responsibilities, or roles is rather limited. In addition to this, due to labour market shortages, employers in childcare do not want their employees to leave their organisation. Employers in childcare have the tendency to prioritize the retention of their existing workforce rather than facilitating career progression per se. Therefore, investments in employee training and improving the work environment are essential strategies for retention.

The aim is to be able to broaden the scope of the Amersfoort Living Lab by incorporating organizations from additional diverse sectors such as education and retail. SYNCLUSIVE’s Amersfoort Living Lab is actively seeking new members to contribute and innovate. Interested? Reach out! Contact Mylène Hatzmann via