In a significant milestone, the outline of the implementation of a monitoring framework within the four SYNCLUSIVE living labs is reaching its conclusion. This document has been pivotal in steering the project towards its goals, primarily focusing on supporting vulnerable unemployed individuals in accessing employment while fostering the organizational mobility of employees.

The monitoring framework adopts a systematic approach that encompasses various sequential stages. At its core is the Realist Evaluation, a central aspect that identifies mechanisms driving change and anticipated outcomes for both unemployed individuals and employees seeking labor market mobility. This method underscores the importance of active participation from employers and relevant stakeholders in identifying effective strategies and understanding the fundamental reasoning behind them.

During the subsequent implementation phase, tailored action plans specific to each living lab have been developed to support inflow and mobility. This reflects the commitment to not only implementing the intervention package but also rigorously testing its effectiveness. The methodology ensures that the monitoring framework is dynamic and responsive, adapting to the unique context of each living lab.

The Data Collection phase employs a mixed-method approach, combining quantitative and qualitative methods such as questionnaires, interviews, participatory strategies, mentoring, and coaching processes. This comprehensive strategy empowers individuals while providing valuable insights into the mechanisms that drive successful outcomes.

Importantly, the monitoring framework extends beyond the Living Labs’ implementation process. It plays a crucial role in upscaling the approach, identifying policy indicators, and establishing standards of good practice as policy advice at the EU level. This broader perspective highlights the far-reaching impact of the work undertaken in the Living Labs, contributing to the development of effective policy recommendations.

Within SYNCLUSIVE, the monitoring framework report stands as a living document, set to be updated at several stages of the process. After the definition of action plans and during their implementation in all four Living Labs, the report will continue to evolve, ensuring that the insights gained contribute to a sustainable and impactful employment support system.