January 25th, 2024

In an event held at Audax, ISCTE’s startup hub in Lisbon, ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon inaugurated the Lisbon Living Lab, a result of the SYNCLUSIVE Project. This ambitious project aims to address the employment gap and foster a more inclusive labor market for vulnerable groups across Europe.

The inauguration brought together key stakeholders from Lisbon, including the Lisbon City Council, the Artist House (“Casa do Artista”), and the Youth Warranty from IEFP (the National Employment and Professional Training Institute). National project partners, such as IEFP, Rede do Empresário (Employers Network), TermCerto, PACT (Science and Technology Park of Alentejo), and Lagoa City Council, were also present, emphasizing the collaborative nature of the project.

The event unfolded in two distinct parts, with the first being a crucial work meeting involving all national partners. During this session, Rede do Empresário unveiled the initial draft of the Digital Living Lab, a pioneering initiative aimed at reaching individuals from diverse regions. The Digital Living Lab is poised to play a pivotal role in harnessing technology to bridge employment gaps and foster inclusivity on a broader scale.

The second part of the event marked the official inauguration of the physical space of the Lisbon Living Lab. The living lab concept represents an innovative approach to research and development, where real-world environments become testbeds for solutions. In this case, the Living Lab in Lisbon will serve as a focal point for collaborative efforts to implement inclusive employment strategies and promote the integration of vulnerable groups into the workforce.

Remarkably, the SYNCLUSIVE project plans to establish a total of four Living Labs in Portugal, each serving a specific purpose. Alongside the Digital Living Lab, physical labs will be set up in Lisbon, Lagoa (Algarve), and Évora (Alentejo). These strategic locations aim to ensure a comprehensive reach across different regions, fostering local engagement and tailoring solutions to the unique challenges faced by diverse communities.

The Living Labs will act as hubs for experimentation, innovation, and collaboration, facilitating the testing and refinement of initiatives to create a more inclusive labor market. The ambitious undertaking reflects a commitment to addressing societal challenges through a systemic approach, emphasizing the importance of multi-stakeholder partnerships in driving meaningful change.

As the SYNCLUSIVE Living Labs begin their journey, they signify a significant step toward a future where opportunities are accessible to all, irrespective of background or circumstance. The inauguration event in Lisbon not only celebrated the launch of a physical space but also heralded a new era of collaboration and innovation in the pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable workforce across Europe.