Exciting Collaborative Progress for SYNCLUSIVE’s Amersfoort Living Labs!

On January 11th, SYNCLUSIVE’s partners in Amersfoort dedicated to childcare and education, joined forces to shape the Action Plan’s upcoming phases through collaborative efforts.  

This ‘mini-coalition’ of key individuals convened to craft a preliminary action plan for both childcare and education. The discussion revolved around strategies to boost intake, ideas for personnel retention and development, and the identification of crucial stakeholders required to execute these plans. 

In the course of the meeting, it became evident that more time was needed to refine the action plan, prompting the scheduling of another session specifically focused on education. Delving into the educational aspect, it was highlighted that involving one or more employers would be essential to fine-tune plans and assess their feasibility. The discussions also touched upon exploring new potential sectors and organizations that could be valuable additions to the SYNCLUSIVE network. 

Stay tuned for further updates on our innovative journey!