Insights from the 2nd SYNCLUSIVE Amersfoort Living Labs Meeting

The recent gathering in Amersfoort was a watershed moment for the SYNCLUSIVE Amersfoort Living Lab. In early December 2023, passionate minds converged for the 2nd meeting, united in their commitment to drive positive change within the community, particularly for vulnerable groups.

Representatives from WerkgeversServicepunt (Employers’ Service Point) region Amersfoort, Ska Kinderopvang (child care organisation), MBO Amersfoort (educational institute), S-BB, University Tilburg, and Municipality of Amersfoort, among others, came together, forming two dynamic groups. One group tackled the critical challenge of labour market shortages in childcare, while the other immersed themselves in lateral entry into education. Their dedication was palpable as they meticulously dissected these challenges, probing key questions:


  • Where do these shortages persist?
  • What specific shortages are prevalent?
  • What underlying factors impede progress?


This deep dive into the issues paved the way for proactive discussions on potential solutions. Notably, the highlight was the practical, out-of-the-box solutions identified during these discussions. These innovative ideas will serve as a cornerstone for shaping the action plan and forming necessary interventions.

The primary focus now shifts towards the upcoming meeting, where the aim is to craft actionable strategies and initiatives.

As the meeting drew to a close, a dynamic brainstorming session ensued, strategically pinpointing essential stakeholders vital for our next gathering. Embracing the mosaic of diverse perspectives, our current emphasis is on fostering collaboration, envisioning a tapestry of collective insights to shape holistic solutions.

Stay tuned for the evolving narrative of actionable solutions emerging from our collaborative efforts in the forthcoming meeting!