The City of Kokkola and FIOH collaborated to organize a SYNCLUSIVE workshop in Kokkola on June 6th, 2024, aiming to further develop the gearing wheels of ENGINE.

The workshop concentrated on identifying actions that could enhance employee mobility and promote long-term career sustainability among local employers. The event garnered considerable interest from local stakeholders, drawing the participation of 21 regional representatives from municipal employment services, county wellbeing services, vocational training institutions, municipal business services, third-sector service providers, and employer representatives. Given that some pivotal issues concerning ENGINE had remained unresolved, the workshop focused on the following questions:

  • How can the employment prospects of young people be improved, and what kind of support do they need in the beginning of their working careers
  • What kind support can be provided for employees with limited education levels, and how they can be assisted in advancing their careers
  • What kind of support do employers need to develop their employees and hire unemployed job seekers?

The workshop fostered lively discussions and generated preliminary solutions, including:

  • Investing in sufficient and comprehensive job orientation
  • Facilitating mobility through training or job rotation within the same organization
  • Establishing a “light mentoring” support system for employees
  • Cultivating a positive, tolerant and inclusive workplace atmosphere among employees and employers
  • Providing targeted support for young employees to develop work life skills, bolster resilience, and enhance self-confidence

Following the summer, these measures will be further refined, and negotiations will continue with employers.

Photo credits: Kokkola